Is video the future of real estate marketing?

Question: Is video the future of real estate marketing? 

Answer: Yes. 

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Okay, i’ll flesh that out a bit! But after I do, we need to ask the really interesting question which is, if video is the future of real estate marketing then why are the vast majority of agents in the UK not using it right now? Now thats a good question! 

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Social media video trends 2021

All brands are competing for attention on social media platforms. With approximately 3 seconds to grab the attention of a user before those thumbs continue scrolling, what brands are posting is becoming more and more important. Poor quality social media content simply doesn’t cut the mustard (what a weird phrase…). So what can be done to get the edge? Let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not in social media video right now with some real world examples picked out from a scroll down Instagram lane. 

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Five reasons you need videos on your website

We all know the feeling of hard work going unnoticed. Maybe you did the dishes and vacuumed the floors, only to hear that painful silence ringing in your ears when your partner gets home… it hurts! We all put hard work into our websites, whether that’s your own hours personally refining, writing and coding, or someone else’s hours at your expense. But the sad truth is, no matter how slick, how well written, how engaging your website is, it is all for nothing if nobody visits! Reason one why you need videos on your website: Video is 53 times more likely to drive a first page search result on Google. It is as simple as that. If you have video on your website, you are more likely to rank higher in googles listings, and higher ranking means more impressions, which means more visitors, which means more potential customers. 

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Why sound design matters

When I started making videos I cared a lot about developing my craft. Specifically I wanted to get better at set dressing, framing and lighting my scenes. I wanted to understand ISO, aperture, frame rates and focal lengths so that in any situation I could capture the most beautiful images. And these things are undoubtedly fundamental to the craft, so it was right to focus on them! But there was one area that I neglected for quite some time, and that may be especially surprising given my parallel career in music! The area I neglected was sound design. 

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Is it okay to work for free?

Let’s talk about money. At various points in my career as a videographer I have decided to work for free. However, as someone who is also involved in the music industry, I have always felt slightly uncomfortable about this controversial practice, and to this day I am still split about whether it’s okay or not! 

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Is TikTok threatening to professional videographers?

I suppose TikTok is not entirely original. Before TikTok we had Vine, and before Vine we were already seeing short meme videos going viral across the internet. But TikTok, with it’s one billion users, seems to have scratched an itch and really solidified and legitimised a certain video format. 

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Three tips for filming better interviews

Prep well, settle nerves, be present.

I love the documentary format. For me, there is nothing better than flicking Netflix on and seeing a brand new original sitting there ready for me to burn through. I consume them! Some of my favourites that come to mind from the last few years include 13th, Blackfish, Fyre, The Social Dilemma, and of course the OG – Making a Murderer. 

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