Video Production Sussex

Telling compelling stories, by making videos that have an impact.

We are all about telling compelling stories by making videos that have an impact. We are video production experts in Sussex. This means that we are equipped to handle your project from storyboarding to final delivery. Our in house team and wider network of creatives includes scriptwriters, professional actors, animators, and even musicians for custom soundtracks.

At EDEN we enjoy listening to our clients vision and making it a reality for them. We have had the joy of working with musicians, charities, schools, and businesses in many different industries. Here are some of our core areas of video production:


It’s critical for us to understand exactly what our clients are looking to achieve before we get anywhere near the cameras! From wedding videos to promotional videos for businesses, we work alongside our clients to develop their concept. We use our scriptwriting experience and film making knowledge to fine tune the vision and craft a compelling story.

The Shoot

We never compromise on quality. With clever lighting, impeccable audio, and creative camera work, clients can be sure that the final product will be a professional production. We have a network of set designers, camera operators, animators and actors at our fingertips, so no matter the scope of the film we can cover it.


Our video editing is done by our in house trained professionals who will do all of the hard graft, but allow our clients to have creative control and make iterations.

As experts in video production in Sussex, we are ready to make your vision a reality. Get in contact today to speak to one of the team, we are looking forward to working with you.