Music Videos Brighton

The chance to combine video with music is a real joy for us.

As well as starting EDEN, our founder Josh is also a professional musician, having studied at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music and currently playing with Lion of Judah. As the music scene in Brighton continues to thrive, we are working with artists and bands to create those all important video assets. However, as well as creating traditional music videos in Brighton, instrument demonstrations, live performances and artist photography all form core areas for us here at EDEN.

The great thing is, our connections in the music industry mean we are able to handle the videography side as well as to provide all the high end audio gear necessary to capture incredible live music videos. This includes all the hardware (microphones, outboard gear, cabling etc) that you would expect, but also music production services like mixing, mastering and even distribution.

We love creating music videos of all kinds here in Brighton. We are prepared to help make your vision a reality with our network of set designers, writers, producers and animators. So why not get in contact today, we would love to hear from you.